Wireless Fire Alarm System

Cygnus is a wireless and mobile fire and evacuation system developed together with the construction industry. The system works in the same way as a permanently installed system, but consists of battery-powered detectors, call points and other devices that all communicate via radio with a range up to 1,500 meters. One control panel can handle as many as 480 units, spread across up to 15 zones.

This is how the Cygnus system works

Intellity is the proud importer of Cygnus in select markets. Cygnus is the market leader in wireless fire protection for construction sites in the UK. The system is developed closely with the industry itself, which means that the units are very robust (IP 65) and can withstand being in a rough environment. No building or construction site is the same, and complexity and needs vary. Cygnus works like a traditional fire system, but is intended for temporary installation. The units are wireless and battery powered, making them easy to install, move around, and thus also scale up and down the system as needed.

The radio frequency used is 868 MHz, which means that Cygnus is not affected by other radio-controlled equipment in the field. The range between devices can extend up to 1,500 meters, and they communicate together in a mesh network. Steel and concrete structures are no obstacle as each unit amplifies the signal. Multiple devices provide stronger signal. The system can consist of up to 480 different units, distributed up to 15 zones on the control panel. Should a situation arise where an alarm is triggered, one can see which unit it is triggered, where it is and in which zone. An important feature is that you can also manage evacuations directly from the control panel. The control panel provides a complete overview of the battery and coverage status of each device. Event logs are downloadable.

If it is desired to convey the alarm further, a GSM module can be attached to the control panel. The module is easily programmed through a mobile application, where you can enter several recipients for alarm notification.



Quick and easy on-site installation

Robust units (IP65)

Downloadable event logs

The system alerts you about low battery levels, reduced radio output, as well as manipulation attempts

The system can also act as a burglary alarm using PIR sensors

The system handles up to 480 units in 15 zones

Powerful radio signals (868 MHz) with a wide range (up to 1,500 meters)

The devices communicate with each other in a mesh network. Each unit amplifies the signal. They do not depend on communicating through a control panel.

Possible to open doors and gates automatically in case of alarm

Long lifetime

SMS notification

The Cygnus Family

The system can be customized based on your needs

Control Panel CYG1

Fire alarm and First aid alarm

Fire detector with warning light

Fire detector CYG285DB

First alarm CYG5

PIR-detector CYGP1R1

Smoke detector CYG3

Heat detector CYG4

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